Presenting a Carnival parade in Bogalusa and Washington Parish, Louisiana, was initially the idea of two local businessmen who hoped that a parade through downtown Bogalusa would help to revive the faltering business district.  In a period of less than one month, a krewe of 80 men was recruited, six primitive Carnival floats were rented, three local area high school bands were signed, and the first Washington Parish Carnival parade in history was presented in February, 1981. 


          To enlarge, and make the parade more spectacular, the community was invited to participate, and the krewe members’ floats were followed by decorated trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. 


          Today’s MCCA parade bears little resemblance to the original procession, but it definitely mushroomed from the original concept.  The MCCA parade now includes 38 authentic Carnival floats pulled by tractors, with nearly 20 high school marching bands, and is introduced by a column of more than 100 roaring motorcycles.  Today’s parade is considered the largest Carnival celebration held in any city of 13,000 people in the world!